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L'Évasion est une mission cachée qui n'est accessible seulement si le joueur a été capturé par le Chasseur Zanuka.La mission demande au joueur de collecter les armes qui lui ont été confisquées et de s'échapper du complexe du Projet Zanuka sur une Planète de Glace Corpus sur Jupiter.

Lorsque le joueur est traqué puis vaincu par le Chasseur Zanuka, cela met automatiquement fin à la mission en cours, et transfert le joueur dans une mission d'évasion.


The mission starts with the player being strangled on a Warframe dissecting equipment, as shown previously in the PS4 "The Profit" trailer. The Lotus will then disable the equipment and assist the player in escaping the facility. The mission requires the player to locate and retrieve their equipment before heading to extraction.

At the start of the mission, the player's Warframe powers, all weapons, and Sentinel are confiscated and stored in various locations throughout the map, leaving the player with only basic fist attacks. The mission's default level is 15, though the more the player recovers their equipment, the stronger the enemies get (up until 30). The player will still maintain other Warframe mods such as shields, health and movement speed etc.

Until the player retrieves his/her first weapon, he/she will have to use fists (which is very weak) to fight enemies. It is recommended to avoid combat altogether, sneak around enemies without being seen, and run to retrieve each of your items. With bare fists, sneaking up behind Humanoid enemies and doing a stealth assassination is the fastest way to take them down (remember that MOAs are immune to stealth assassinations).

The mission is a solo session and it will not allow you to be part of a group or invite any friends to join you.


Should a player die and forfeit or quit during the Recovery mission, they will be returned to the Liset. The player will be unable to play in any other missions and must replay the Recovery mission until it is completed.

The equipment (Warframe, Weapons, and Sentinel) that was captured will be rendered unusable until they redo the Recovery mission. Unusable equipment will appear as red holograms of the original item. Switching Warframes and/or weapons before trying the mission again will not make any difference; the Warframe and weapons the player had when captured by the Zanuka Hunter will still be the ones to find/use in the Recovery mission, and you will still have to complete this mission before you can do any other missions.


  • The Recovery mission was introduced in Update 11.7.3, and was indirectly mentioned in the build notes.
  • This mission was previously known as "Escape".


  • The Recovery mission has a rare chance to increase affinity of an unmastered weapon to level 30. (needs confirmation)

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