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Chargeur sous Pression est un mod rare qui augmente la Cadence de Tir lorsque l'on vise pendant un court moment après le rechargement.


Rang Cadence de Tir Durée Coût Conclave
0 +15% 1.5s 4 C1
1 +30% 3s 5 C1
2 +45% 4.5s 6 C1
3 +60% 6s 7 C1
4 +75% 7.5s 8 C1
5 +90% 9s 9 C1


  • If activated, Pressurized Magazine will display an icon timer beside the player's health UI, and the Warframe will be briefly surrounded by a flashing energy ribbon.
  • The Fire Rate bonus is granted upon the beginning of the reload animation.
  • On event launch, Pressurized Magazine's duration was not only affected by rank, but also by the amount of Fusion energy in each rank.
  • Can be combined with Gunslinger, Lethal Torrent, Anemic Agility and Arcane Velocity for a total of +332% fire rate while aiming. This used on the Twin Grakatas will result in a fire rate of almost 173 rounds per second, making it possible to empty its entire 120 rounds magazine within 0.7 seconds.


  • The fire rate buff is activated on the animation start which can be interrupted with a quick melee, meaning the buff can be activated almost on demand for high magazine/low fire rate weapons.


  • If Pressurized Magazine is installed on the currently equipped pistol, reloading a primary weapon during a mission will display the flash effect associated with the mod's activation, though the weapon will not gain the fire rate bonus.

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