Guided Ordnance is an assault rifle mod that temporarily increases accuracy while aiming upon hitting an enemy.


Rank Accuracy Duration
Cost Conclave
0 +5% 1.5 2 C1
1 +10% 3 3 C1
2 +15% 4.5 4 C1
3 +20% 6 5 C1
4 +25% 7.5 6 C1
5 +30% 9 7 C1


  • This mod is highly ideal for use in low-accuracy weapons with a high fire rate, such as the Gorgon and Supra, as their high fire rate gives them a high chance to hit, allowing them to refresh the duration of the accuracy bonus continuously.
  • This mod will not activate on hitting a Nullifier's bubble.


  • One of only five mods that can increase accuracy in Warframe.
  • Prior to Specters of the Rail 6, this mod was erroneously named "Guided Ordinance".
  • Surprisingly, while the mod is labeled to work on assault rifles, the image depicts the Kohm, which is a shotgun.

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