Reactor Sabotage 2.0 was introduced in Mise à jour 18.5 to replace the sabotage that takes place on the Grineer Galleon and Corpus Ship tilesets.  In this mode, the player must sabotage the two coolant stations of the reactor before destroying the reactor itself using either the fuel cell or the coolant cells collected. There are also three supply caches that could be found during the mission, much like other variants of Sabotage.

Method Modifier

Phase One: Sabotage CoolantModifier

The cells in the two coolant stations of the ship must be either destroyed or extracted. If any sort of alarm is triggered (usually a laser of sorts), the coolant will be locked in place and cannot be extracted, only destroyed. Once the coolant is removed the reactor will automatically deactivate to prevent damaging itself.

Phase Two: Sabotage ReactorModifier

The reactor can be sabotaged in one of three different ways, each causing its own environmental hazard.


If the fuel cell is reinserted into the reactor core and the reactor reactivated, the player must then destroy the fuel injectors. After this is done, the ship will immediately start overheating, creating various sources of Non valide damage throughout the ship, which is capable of burning the player. The player must also find and hack an access panel to open blast doors that the ship had automatically closed in order to extract.


If the coolant cell is inserted into the reactor core and the reactor reactivated, the player will have to defend the core as the reactor decays. After this, the ship will experience numerous coolant leaks, manifesting as ice that appears all over the ship. If touched, this ice will apply Non valide procs that drastically slow the player. However, this coolant leak will not reduce shields, unlike the environmental hazard.


If the fuel cell is inserted into the coolant station and the reactor reactivated, the player will have to defend the control console as the reactor erodes. After this, the ship will experience lower gravity along with numerous magnetic fields which, when near the field, will pull players toward the bubble and drain them of their energy if they are to touch the bubble. These bubbles can be temporarily destroyed for 12 seconds by weapons that deal Non valide damage, making them explode and deal Non valide damage to all nearby units. Similar to the Overheating method, the player will have to unlock the blast door in order to extract. The fuel cell can only be placed in a coolant receptacle that had its cell removed; if the coolant cell was destroyed, the fuel cell cannot be placed in it.


Voir la liste View Tiered Locations
Tier Planet Sector Faction Tileset
Tier 1
Level 1-15
Mars Gradivus IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship
Mars Tharsis IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Mercury Neruda IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Venus Tessera IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship
Tier 2
Level 16-25
Europa Gamygyn IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship
Saturn Pallene IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Sedna Undine IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Sedna Yam IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Uranus Portia IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Tier 3
Level 26+
Ceres Thon IconGrineerBGrineer Grineer Galleon
Neptune Halimede IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship
Pluto Charon IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship
Pluto Cypress IconCorpusBCorpus Corpus Ship


Si les 3 caches sont découvertes, il est possible qu'une des récompenses soit une partie de Xiphos ou un Extrait de Nitain.


  • Arrows will be pulled towards the magnetic anomalies.
  • If a fuel cell is placed in a coolant cell receptacle, this can be overridden by placing a coolant cell in the fuel receptacle. This will cause the mission to continue to the magnetizing phase.
    • This does not work in reverse; if the coolant cell is placed in the fuel receptacle, it is impossible to put the fuel cell in a coolant receptacle afterwards. This is possibly a bug.

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