Corpus Ship Tile Sets are sterile, blueish silver, and straightforward. They were the first tileset released and have been slowly replaced by the other sets as they have come out. These tilesets aren't built with many parkour areas or almost any "sneaky" paths. Corpus are the primary occupants of the set with other factions occasionally appearing. They are known for having many elevators, doors, low ceilings, and lots of long stretches of narrow and cluttered halls. The player will find the corpus cameras, laser doors, and turrets among these sets with the standard corpus lockers and destructible canisters. Many of the rooms have been blended into the Corpus Outpost tiles.

Note that this tileset currently seems to have the highest chance of Additional Primary Objectives being assigned on any mission type other than Exterminate and they may even be assigned on Assassination missions and during Alerts. This makes the tileset a questionable choice for speedrunning despite the straightforward design of the tiles.

The images in the mission selection boxes indicate that there are at least two different types of 'Corpus Ship' - a double hulled model that may be a warship and a more slender craft sporting what seems to be multiple storage containers - but they currently share the same tileset and their navigation consoles display the same hologram (of the container ship). The three different holograms can also be found in the Energy Research Lab in the Clan Dojo.

When you have sided with the Corpus and battle against the Grineer in Invasion missions, a ship-specific tile replaces a dead-end tile. The special tile is either large or small, and consists of an 'equipment room' with benches, equipment lockers, and Elite Crewman uniforms. In case of a big tileset, two Grineer boarding torpedoes can be found. In case of a small tile, only one can be found inside. The ship has suffered structural damage, as material from walls is scattered, as tubes and wiring is severed and hanging from the ceiling as atmosphere is venting. The boarding torpedo holds a single Grineer Lancer. It has a circular ramp which opens up when you enter the tile. The Grineer inside counts as a kill in an Exterminate mission, but is not required to kill, meaning that the mission can be completed without killing the Pods occupant.

In the Infestation-specific Extermination mission(aboard an Corpus ship, a special set of tiles is used. You often start in a storage room(insertion tile) and proceed through a hallway specific to this type of mission, via an Elevator tile, through another hallway to the Hangar Bay. There are several ships stored here, one just arrives from the portal with some Infestation mushrooms on the sides. This hangar is quite wide, seeing that two conveyor belts run from a loading platform through the center of the tile, for the dropships to pick up.

Once you proceed through the portal, you will enter a small docking area which has been overrun by Infested. This area seems to be a place where dropships are fitted with cargo. On the opposite side of where you entered, you will find a door locked from the inside, but this type is blue. They cannot be opened from the outside, you will need to find your way through air ducts to enter the area behind the doors. Once inside, you can walk towards the doors, they will open like all doors, but not close again.


Décompression AtmosphériqueModifier

Atmospheric Vacuum can be triggered by breaking cracked Reinforced Glass. This hazard is usually present near elevators, in T-shaped corridors and in the long pathways obstructed by containers. If you damage a Reinforced Glass, the glass could break and cause your health and shield to reduce by one point every half a second.


  • Special MOA Cabinet Spawner 'closets' throughout this tileset (and the Corpus Outpost) can be hacked and used to spawn friendly Shockwave MOAs, indicated by their special blue energy detailing.
  • Certain new tiles added to this set may contain large Explosive Barrels that can be used to 'restructure' the immediate surroundings, e.g. shattering or weakening heavy glass panes, blasting open damaged doors, and so on.


  • Currently the sounds from the Grineer Shipyard tileset will play in some of these tilesets, including sounds of thunderstorms.