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Zéro Corrompu
Faction IconOrokinOn.pngOrokin
Type A Distance
Arme Lanka
Stun Baton
Chair 60
Tranchant w.png +Poison w.png ++Viral w.png ++Impact w.png -Gaz w.png -
Proto-Bouclier 150
Impact w.png +Poison w.png +Magnétique w.png +++Pénétration w.png ‐‐Heat w.png ‐‐Corrosive w.png ‐‐
Multiplicateur de Base Tête: 2.0x
Expérience de Base 500
Niveau de Base 1
Scan Codex 20
Mods Intrus
Pièces de Rechange
Branche Battante
Bouclier d'énergie qui bloque les projectiles et nullifie les pouvoirs.

Les Zéros Corrompus sont des Hommes d'Équipage Zéro esclaves des Sentinelles Neuronales des Tours du Néant, avec leur champ d'énergie capable de bloquer les projectiles et de neutraliser les pouvoirs des Warframes. Ils apparaissent uniquement durant les missions du Néant Tour III et Tour IV.


  • Corrupted Nullifier shields use the following mechanic to determine damage dealt to it:
    • Corrupted Nullifier shields have a minimum and maximum damage per shot dealt to it - 100 damage at minimum, and 400 damage maximum. Any hit that deals less than 100 damage will buffed to that amount, while any shot that deals more than 400 damage will be reduced to that amount.
    • The damage dealt is then altered by the Corrupted Nullifier shield's shrink rate per shot, which is 4% of its current size.
    • The formula for determining damage to the Nullifier shield is Damage/100 * Base Shrink Rate.
      • Example A: A Braton hits the shield for 18 damage. Since the shield can only receive a minimum of 100 damage, the shield takes 100 damage from that hit. The damage (100) is then divided by 100, which equals 1.0. This value is then multiplied by the shrink rate of 4% (0.04), giving a value of 0.04, which results in the shield being reduced by 4% of its current size.
      • Example B: An Opticor hits the shield for 500 damage. Since the shield can only receive a maximum of 400 damage, the shield only takes 400 damage from the shot. The calculation is thus 400/100 = 4.0 * 0.04 = 0.16, hence the shield will shrink by 16% of its current size.
    • The rate of shrinkage is based off the current size of the shield.
    • Hits are calculated per frame (framerate), and not for each individual pellet within a shot, i.e. a shotgun that shoots 6 pellets dealing 100 damage each for a total of 600 damage is considered as dealing 600 damage, and thus will have its damage nerfed to 400, resulting in a 16% reduction in shields.
  • Due to the Nullifier field having Object health property which does not accept Critical Hit damage, weapons that heavily depend on crits such as Soma or Amprex are ineffective.
    • EXCEPT when the Amprex hits an enemy outside the Nullifier field; the chain lightning will bypass the Nullifier field and hit the crewman and other enemies inside it.
  • Being a sniper unit, Nullifiers are far less accurate up close, but get more accurate at medium and long ranges.
  • Splash damage from explosive weapons and powers originating outside the field are nullified, dealing no damage to anything inside. Note that the gas cloud produced by the Torid is an exception. This feature currently appears to be bugged.
  • Continuous firing weapons, such as Synapse can still penetrate the nullifier sphere and damage the enemies inside; albeit with reduced damage.
  • Damage taken by the sphere will reduce its size until it disappears, leaving the Crewman vulnerable to powers and attacks. However, the energy sphere will eventually return to its original state if left alone.
  • The energy sphere will remove any buffs active on Warframes caught inside it, and will render the Nullifier immune to direct targeting by all Warframe powers, including AoE and indirect powers.
  • Despite being a Sniper Crewman, the Nullifier Crewmen's behavior is a bit different; they will not attempt to bash enemies who get too close, and much like Arctic Eximus they will not attempt to take cover or run away. Nearby allies will also head inside the Nullifier Crewman's sphere, making it harder to kill them.
  • Nullifier fields absorb hitscan projectiles and deflect physical projectiles. Care should be taken when firing heavy weapons such as the Penta and Ogris directly at a Nullifier, as the grenades and missiles may be reflected straight back to their source.
    • Certain ability projectiles (e.g. the Shuriken projectiles) can home in on the Nullifier, but if the shield is present then they will bounce off of it like normal projectiles.


  • As with their original variant, Nullifiers can be mind-controlled despite their energy field.
  • When the cloud of a Torid shot is in contact with an Corrupted Nullifier's energy field it will deal damage to the Nullifier as well as the field.


  • In Tower Defense missions, the laser defenses by the Cryopod can be used to kill this unit due to it penetrating the field.
  • Using a throwing melee weapon such as a Glaive or Kestrel equipped with Power Throw can be used to damage or even kill Corrupted Nullifiers when thrown through their shields: the weapon will penetrate the shield and continue bouncing within it, with a high probability of hitting the relatively fragile Nullifier.


  • Corrupted Nullifiers have a golden nullification field, as opposed to the standard version's blue. They also have a completely different shield generator, suggesting nullifier technology was originally developed by the Orokin, with the originals now being used on the Corrupted Nullifiers.
  • When summoned from Nekros, their shields will be the caster's energy color.
  • If Mind Controlled or summoned with Shadows Of The Dead, an enemy Eximus aura can penetrate the shield, however their Eximus specific powers (such as Arctic Exmus's snowglobe) cannot be triggered.

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